It is one thing to talk about the challenges of business and politics on stage in front of decision-makers – but our demands must also reach the wider audience. It is the media such as television, newspapers and radio that attract attention to our issues and make them accessible to society in general.


ARD Morning show (2016)
-> Millennials and the pension policy

ZDF Documentary (2018)
-> Family & Career, Women & Career

ZDF Doku

ZDF Lunchtime magazine (2017)
-> Millennials and the Bundestag Elections

ZDF Lunchtime magazine (2016)
-> Millennials and the pension policy

_ZDF Report: Is the pension really enough? What remains of our working life (2019)
_ZDF Documentary: What women want and men think (2018)
_ZDF Lunchtime magazine: Youth, Politics, Bundestag elections (2017)
_ZDF Today: Facebook live – GenY, GenZ in the working world (2017)
_ARD One & Tatort – The Show: Tatort “Shock” Debriefing (2017)
_ZDF Lunchtime magazine: The pension reform seen through the eyes of Generation Y (2016)
_ZDF Today PLus: Generation Y (2016)
_ARD Morning magazine: The pension reform seen through the eyes of Generation Y (2016)
_SWR “Betrifft”: Getting out of the office (2016)


WDR 2 “Work and Life Satisfaction among Generation Y” (2016)

SWR 1 Talk series “SWR 1 People” (2016)



Die spinnen, die Jungen, Gabal Verlag, Februar 2016


Flexible, free, independent? What more and more young employees are confidently demanding is a great challenge for many companies. With the book „Die Spinnen die Jungen Dr. Steffi Burkhart delivers a user manual for the generation Y.


Die Digitale Transformation

My contribution in the book: “Influence of Digital Leadership on Organisations in Healthcare” together with Stephan Grabmeier from Kienbaum

Digitales Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement

My input in this book: “Influence of global megatrends on digital workplace health management (WHM). Digital Natives and Future Trends as Drivers and Co-Creators for a Digital, Personalized and Networked WHM” together with Felix Hanser from Fraunhofer IPA


Our conversation has generated an astounding 160,000 additional viewers. This is the highest increase of the whole year. All of us in the editorial department were enthusiastic about her performance. Concise messages, precise statements – and, at long last, someone from this generation.

ZDF Television Editorial Office